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Our products are carried in most Washington State licensed Cannabis retailers. To find our products near you, please visit:



A: Due to current Cannabis laws and regulations, we are only allowed to deliver our products directly to licensed cannabis retailers within Washington State.

We put a piece of real fruit inside each individual gummy. In fact, all the citrus flavors (Lemon Mandarin, Pink Lemonade and Ruby Grapefruit) have house-made, candied peels.

We currently only produce cannabis-infused candy.

No, we don’t currently produce anything that contains gluten, so there’s no chance for even the slightest cross-contamination.

We incorporate our house-made cannabis oil into the candies before we pour them into the molds. This ensures even distribution of cannabis within each candy.

We use an equal amount of both in each batch to provide a balanced hybrid effect.

Yes! We evenly distribute our cannabis oil into the mixture before we pour the candies into the molds, so you can cut them in half (or quarters) and get an even dose every time.

Not to brag, but we've won a few awards...

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